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Framing Done Right!
Posted by Sheena on 1/26/2013 to Framing
Oils, acylics, and watercolours whether they are originals or prints are easy for most picture framers to frame.  Needle-art is quite different and complex. Framers not used to stretching material may find this a challenge, especially if the stitching is tight and the piece has not been stitched on a tapestry frame.  Customers that take care and weave in their thread ends and keep the back of their piece tidy will be rewarded with a perfect completed framed piece.  Thread ends not woven in to the body of the needle-art will likely be seen as a shadow under the fabric.  Sheena's Gallery will try and weave in a few errant threads and make sure that there are no stitches missing, plus we have the perfect tool called a Tail Catcher for you to do it yourself.

What do you use to stretch needle-art on?

Sheena's Gallery only uses acid free foam core or acid free mat board for stretching.  We do not recommend the "sticky board" as that can damage your needle-art and also it is very hard to get it absolutely straight. 

How should it be stretched?

Straight, of course. 

Do I need glass and what kind?

Glass is advisable because of our heating systems.  Glass keeps the art pieces dust free and also keeps people from touching the art.  U.V. non reflective glass has begun to be more popular as it will block out 99.9% of U.V to prevent fading.  This also is great if you have a lot of windows and need the glare minimized.

Why does my needle-art ripple?

Needle-art will sometimes ripple if there is high humidity or even if it is too dry.  Framed pieces on an outside wall or over a fireplace will also sometimes ripple and may straighten out again when the climate changes, if not, they can be re-stretched..

Do you have any guarantee on framing?

Framing at Sheena's Gallery is guaranteed for one year.  We also take pride in our work and will guarantee you satisfaction in your framed art piece.

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Samuel Date 11/16/2015
With needle point art i know that you stretch it, and count the stitches to make sure that there isn't any missing. Do you also clean it with special cleaners?
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