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We're Participating in the Branching Out Seminar
Posted by Rachel on 5/10/2013 to All
Come visit our booth at the Embroiderer's Association of Canada "Branching Out" Seminar. We will be at the Winnipeg Embroiderer's Guild Boutique at the University of Manitoba from May 14 - 19. We look forward to meeting you.
Shower Your Mother with Love
Posted by Rachel on 5/3/2013 to cross stitching

Mother's day is fast approaching - are you ready? While mothers and grandmothers are the main focus, Mother's Day is also a great time to celebrate other women of influence in our lives. Whether you are having Sunday brunch, or making a long distance phone call, it is important to show these women how much we care.

Needlepoint / Cross Stitch / Petit Point
Posted by Maria, Sales Consultant on 4/21/2013 to All
The most common question I get when a new customer browses the store is "What is the difference between Needlepoint, Cross Stitch and Petit Point?" What a great question for a blog!
Knitting is the New "Thing"
Posted by SG on 4/10/2013 to Knitting
2013: The year of the snake, the year of quinoa (yes, really!) and the year Justin Beiber takes over the known universe. 2013 also has the potential to be the year of knitting. Needle crafts are making a big comeback and it seems like knitting is leading the pack.
Are you reading these blogs?
Posted by Sheena on 2/26/2013 to All
I am getting stuck at what to write in these blogs and so I am now asking everyone - what do you want to know? Is there something in cross stitch, knitting, canvas work or custom picture framing that you would like to ask?  Talk to me!!!
What does stitch count mean?
Posted by Sheena on 2/9/2013 to cross stitching
It is very important to know what size your finished project is going to be, but how do you change the size of fabric?  Where do I start?
Counted Cross Stitch vs Stamped Cross Stitch
Posted by Sheena on 1/28/2013 to cross stitching
Come on in or call us and we will keep you in stitches! This is our motto but we are getting some questions about the difference between counted cross-stitch and stamped cross stitch.  If you are just starting out or wanting to buy your friends or family a project to do, ask.  Customers will come in to buy a project for someone else and they have no idea what they actually like to stitch - all I can say is ASK.
Framing Done Right!
Posted by Sheena on 1/26/2013 to Framing
Framing done right is a work of art in itself.  Check your framed pieces, look away and then look back and see what you see first - you should see your art piece first, not the frame or mat.  This may seem ridiculous but try it - it really does work.  The frame and mats should compliment the art piece and make it stand out.
Tapestry Frame or Hoop?
Posted by Sheena on 1/23/2013 to cross stitching
The question is always asked "I have a hoop, why would I use a tapestry frame?"Hoops are excellent if you are stitching a tablecloth, pillow cases, afghan, etc but the problem with using a hoop when stitching a picture...
How To Cross Stitch: A Beginner's Guide
Posted by Sheena on 1/22/2013 to cross stitching

Cross-stitching can be a very relaxing hobby, but how do you start? This beginners guide should get you started with some of the tools.

Before starting, its important to assess your own skill level. Are you a complete beginner? Have you completed one pattern?  Its also very important to choose a cross-stitch pattern that you really like or that it means something to you.  Do not be afraid to ask your local needleart store to show you how to get started and for any tips that you may need to complete your project. 

 cross stitching

 We're Participating in the Branching Out Seminar
 Shower Your Mother with Love
 Needlepoint / Cross Stitch / Petit Point
 Knitting is the New "Thing"
 Are you reading these blogs?
 What does stitch count mean?
 Counted Cross Stitch vs Stamped Cross Stitch
 Framing Done Right!
 Tapestry Frame or Hoop?
 How To Cross Stitch: A Beginner's Guide

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