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Christmas Banners IV
Christmas Ornaments I
Christmas Ornaments IV
Christmas Ornaments V
Koe / Cow (cow - front)
Long Jacket
Santa and Kitten Stocking Kit
The Blacksmith
$100.00 - GIFT CARD
$25.00 - GIFT CARD
$50.00 - GIFT CARD
$75.00 - GIFT CARD
100 Years from Now
11 Count Aida - Ivory
11 Count Aida - Navy
14 Count Aida Cloth
16 Count Aida Cloth
18 Count Aida Cloth - Antique White
18 Count Aida Cloth - Black
18 Count Aida Cloth - Green
18 Count Aida Cloth - Navy
18 Count Aida Cloth - Soft Blue
18 Count Aida Cloth Package 746
18 Count Aida Cloth Package 746 - no design
18 Count Aida Cloth Package Ecru
18 Count Linen- Natural
2 Indian Women
2012 Quaker Ornament Collection
22 Count Aida Cloth - Ivory
22 Count Aida Cloth - Ivory 2
22 Count Aida Cloth - Soft Blue
22 Count Hardanger - Dusty Blue
22 Count Linen- Ivory
25 Count Dublin Linen - Cream
25 Count Evenweave - Black
25 Count Evenweave - Black - 2
25 Count Evenweave - Black -3
25 Count Evenweave - Blue
25 Count Evenweave - Cream
25 Count Evenweave - Dark Chocolate
25 Count Evenweave - Mushroom
25 Count Evenweave - Mushroom 2
25 Count Evenweave - Navy
25 Count Evenweave - White
25 Count Evenweave DMC Ecru
3 Thread Silk Petit Point Gauze - Ivory
4 High Flyers
4 Seasons
50 Cross Stitch Quickies Christmas
50th Anniversary
99 Snowflakes Volume 2
A Band of Flowers: A Garden of Stitches
A Bears World
A Calendar Year in Miniature -Cherished Teddies
A Cat Can Purr its Way Out of Anything
A Gardener's Life
A Lively Tune
A Mother's Love
A Pair of Swingers
A Partridge in a Pear Tree
A Rose
A Sampler Collection for Beginners
A Sampling of Tradition
A Sea Spell
A Secret Place All Our Own
A Star is Born
A Stitcher's Wish
A Time to Dream
A Winter's Eve
A Winter's Night
A Winter's Welcome
A Year of Whimsey
ABC Friends
About to Pounce
AC adapter for the Fusion lights
Advent Angel
Afghan Cloth - Antique White
African Angel
African Elephant
African Ladies
African Lady with Flowers
African Violets
After the Harvest
Afternoon Stories
Afternoon Tea
Ahoy Mate
Airing the Quilts
Airplane Birth Sampler
Akashi Beach
All Dressed in White
All in One Suit
All Seasons Angels
Allegory of Painting
Alphabet of Nautical Signal Flags
Alphabet Zoo
Alpine Scene
Always a Bigger Fish
Always and Forever
American Decker
American Heavy Hawg
American Indian Tabby
American Smooth
An Angel for All Seasons
Anchor Stranded Cotton Floss
Anchor Tapestry Wool
And to All a Good Night
Anemone - John Clayton Connections
Anemones Bookmark Kit
Anenome Mix
Angel Band
Angel of Dreams
Angel of Light
Angel of Love
Angel of Summer
Angels Gather
Angels Stocking Unlimited
Angels Watch
Angels Welcome
Animal Babies
Animal Fun Ride Quilt
Anna in Fuschia
Anne Cloth - Lavender
Antarctic Antics
Ante Up!
Antiquarian Floral
Antique Bumble Bee Charm
Antique Carousel
Antique Firetruck and Fire Wagon
Antique Toys Number Three
Apple Coasters
Apres-midi Cushion Cover Kit
April in Beacon Hill Park
Arcadian Angel
Argentine Tango
Around the Corner
Art Deco Poster No.2 Golfer
Artist Chick
Arts & Crafts Bookmark kit
As God Is My Witness
Asian Flower Arrangement
At the Beach
At the Beach Quilt
At the Hop
At The Met
Attic Quilts
August - Peridot and Gladiolus
Auspicious Animals
Autumn Bird
Autumn Boat Ride
Autumn Bridge
Autumn Cat
Autumn Chapel
Autumn Fairy
Autumn Garden
Autumn Garland
Autumn in Boulder Creek
Autumn in New England
Autumn Interlude
Autumn Meadow
Autumn Owl
Autumn Queen
Autumn Sampler
Autumn Trails
Avatar - Wizard of Wind
Azalea Path
Baby Afghan - White
Baby Afghan - Antique White
Baby Afghan - Baby Blue
Baby Afghan - Yellow
Baby Animals Quilt
Baby Blankets
Baby Borders
Baby Boy
Baby Boy - Shadow Words
Baby Cardigans
Baby Cardigans
Baby Celebration
Baby Cougars
Baby Express Quilt
Baby Gift Tags
Baby Girl - Shadow Words
Baby Hugs
Baby Marble - BM04 Lime Sherbet
Baby Marble - BM 12
Baby Marble - BM03 Blue Breeze
Baby Marble - BM05 Sandpail
Baby Marble - BM06 Sweet Dreams
Baby Marble - BM08 Rainbow Sherbet
Baby Marble - BM13 Bubble Gum
Baby Marble - BM17 Candy Corn
Baby Marble - BM23
Baby Penguin
Baby Rabbit
Baby Shower
Baby Sitting
Baby Soft Infant Bibs - Pink
Baby Sweater, Hat and Blanket
Baby 'Toons
Baby Vest and Sweater
Baby Vests and Cardigan
Baby's Friends Birth Record
Baby's Jacket, Hat and Scarf
Backdoor Friends
Backyard Beauties - Chickadee
Bah Humbug!
Baking with Crazy Cat Lady
Bald Eagle
Bambi's First Year
Bamboo Circular Needle - 3.25mm ( 3 US )
Bamboo Circular Needles - 3.25mm (US#3)
Bamboo needles - 10.0mm(US15)
Bamboo needles - 3.5 mm (US#4)
Bamboo needles - 3.75mm(US 5)
Bamboo Needles - 4.5mm(US 7 )
Bamboo Needles - 5.5mm(US 9)
Bamboo Needles - 6.0mm(US10)
Bamboo needles - 6.5mm (US 10 1/2)
Band-Aid Brigade
Barefoot in the Grass
Bargello Jewels
Basic Instinct
Bass Attack
Bathroom Reminders
Batty About You
Baying to the Moon
Bayside Cottage
Be You
Be Yourself
Beach Huts
Beach Owls
Beach Waltz
Beagle Puppies
Bear Fishing
Bear Gathering
Bear Ornament
Beardsley Blooms
Bears Coasters
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Sorrows of the Heart Sorrows of the Heart
more details
Precious Pin Cushions
Canadian Patriotic Snippets 11&12
Baby Marble - BM 12
Autumn Bird
Bells Ornament
Dog Bowl
One Love Wedding Record
Retro Christmas Cross Stitch